Agley Mod pe Maut Khadi Hai, Marne ki bhi kya Jaldi hai V.20

" This year, feels like my year: hopefully, much more to write when this blog comes around next time. " These are the words that i wrote on my blog last year. Seems ironic, that in such a content rich year - i created some content of my own. It was a peculiar year to say the least - unforgettable, unprecedented, amazing can all be used to describe what we went through last year. But, as this is a hedonistic pass time, started over a decade ago i shall be majorly selfish and share what caught my fancy. Gera babu: (See, another mention right at the top) So Gera Babu, i have a gripe with Facebook. They have shut down notes of Facebook and along with it my tradition of posting this on Facebook notes. It was a journey which was epic, "The Delusion of Eloquence" was my rage against the dumbing of interactions across the world and we have seen a steady decline since. But, it came to a rather fitting end, one never imagined. Sometimes it made me feel like an old guy on face

Shot through the heart with Arrowhead

Most of the folks who know me, usually, would also know that I love wildlife. I'm proud to tell you, dear reader, that i have taken this to the next level. In light of my impending nuptials and as is customary of friends to do. I celebrated my bachelor party at Ranthambore. Doing what I love doing - Watching Tigers. Lets be honest, COVID has destroyed much of the fun that one is supposed to have before getting married, like going to Thailand for your bachelors. So Lala called me up and said park is opening from 1st October, lets have your bachelors there. This was exactly the kind of opportunity i waiting to hear and I jumped at that opportunity. 7 months since the lockdown began, in the middle of marriage preparations, I stepped out of Delhi for the first time with dire warnings of becoming infected and falling ill ringing in my ears. Thankfully, some of my friends were there so that it seemed like a bachelors - plus Lala had planned 4 safaris for us. Co - Travelers - Ashutosh, Sw

Wait? What!

I once saw a story so beautifully played. It was a pain to experience but beautiful to see…it started with a joke, a rather witty one. A man asked his love, “how can something you say make me happy and sad at the same time?” she responded by saying “I’ll tell you a story and you will know.” And thus she recited: A long time ago in a place far far away There was once a theater troupe Skilled in the arts was that group They looked like tarts  Rainbow colored were their farts The subject of much envy But also revered The capabilities of these younglings were many, Sport, speech, fight, love, write, drink and make merry Some mustered crowds, others sent them packing For any need they wouldn’t be lacking “Ok, Enough with the rhyming, Why don’t you just tell me the story?” "Okay, so now that we have established that this was the “It” group. There was a girl, because there is always a girl in a story, or rather any story worth hearing. So he

Does it matter?

A mindless vessel built for consumption, endlessly pulled this way and that. Hear this, read this, did you see this. What happens next is unbelievable, all built to numb our senses and cater to our inner capitalist.Minimum effort, maximum reward. Bang for the buck. More juice than squeeze. Our world was small but not empty, our world has become large and yet so lonely. Insta screams, look at me. Facebook goes, share on me. Twitter tweets, fight over me. Tinder stokes flames. And when did sex become as unceremonious as Netflix and chill. A generation of narcissists parading on their own stage. Its all make believe and yet it feels so real. Its a drug, that keeps us going. We keep getting hit and keep tripping.Everybody thinks life is what we make it. I know its all a farce and somehow i know that I'm the paranoid one for thinking that its all going down the gutter. Its just that for the first time in human history - everyone can have a voice. Its just the wise are full of doubts an

What we sow?

Carnage, absolute carnage. That’s what I saw when I passed through the, once familiar, roads of my 2 nd home. It makes little sense to tell a story without some background. So, on a bright and hot Saturday as I sleepily contemplated what to do on my well-deserved day of rest, Theka and Auri landed up at my place with dubious intentions. Their agenda, a hare brained and seemingly ill thought of trip to Simla. Despite my many reservations (and protestations) I got ready and off we went to a place I have come to know as my home away from home. The drive was without incident, a first in my experience, and we entered Himachal around 6 pm. From then on, what I saw saddened me. I understand that development is for the good of the many. It creates jobs, modernizes infrastructure and it could even be life-saving in the long run. But, when I saw the thousands upon thousands of trees chopped up, pulled down, ripped apart. I was crying. Devastation, desolation. The drive

5 Years On...

I've been spending way too much time on social media, i think it happens. A voyeuristic window into the amazing life that my friends (and acquaintances, and people whom I've met only once, and random folks who just think its a good idea to send a friend request to anyone, and people who share good meme's) have. Their awesome Roka's, pre-wedding, Mehndi, Tilak, Sangeet, Engagement, Weddings, candid, post wedding, honeymoon shoots. Followed very closely by a variety of mug-shots that masquerade as selfies, I mean to say that i find it quite intriguing to look at your skull from your best angle. Also, I thoroughly enjoy the myriad Hashtags that accompany these shots. Spending time on social media is also an exercise in slapping my forehead several times - Of Course i want to see what happens next - I'm sure it's shocking, astounding, mind-blowing. I was amazed by somethings that claimed to be alternative facts, it makes me question everything that i have learnt

The Moon lake

14-Oct and touching down at IGI Airport was a bitter landing. Leaving Bangalore was one of the most heart rending decisions that I had to take. More on that some other time. Touching down, i brought with me the baggage of 4 and a half years and a few bedbugs. There was the usual "bhasad" of getting down and reaching home with the relief on my mother's face the only consolation. For her it was the return of the prodigal son, albeit without the repentance. But it was a false homecoming because Aayush Jain, that purveyor of outrageous ideas - speaker of mad things - overall slightly left of center, had made a huge plan in anticipation of Raghvi's wedding. A road trip of epic proportions and something that i had not yet undertaken. The trip pushed our boundaries till their breaking point, adverse climes, different dynamics but a sense of adventure overrode them all. Day 0 - 11:45 pm. I reached in significant discomfort of not having slept for close to 36 hours and